How to Clean to Keep Allergens Away During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A few quick tips about cleaning during the pandemic:

  • COVID-19 is primarily spread through contact 
  • Lower chances of spreading from infected surfaces
  • Clean surfaces more often that are used regularly 
  • Use soap and water followed by a disinfectant 
  • Clean more often if someone falls ill


We all know COVID-19 can linger on surfaces for hours or even days. There should be a way to protect your home — with a home cleaning routine. Floor cleaning in Christchurch is taken care of by us, though you have other issues to deal with. Here’s some help. 

The virus mostly transfers through aerosol droplets, aka drops of spit or snot from a sick person that could get into someone’s nose or mouth. 

Technically it is possible for someone to catch it from an infected surface. This is possible only when a surface is touched before touching their face or putting their hands in their mouth. Though, it’s less likely. 

“With some infections, like MRSA (a staph bacteria on the skin), contaminated surfaces can cause people to get infected, but that’s not the case with this virus, where it’s usually person-to-person spread,” says Marilyn Roberts, a microbiologist studying antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Still, it’s important to take appropriate precautions.   How often should you be cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces?

Clean Daily, But Take it Easy

Keeping things clean is not a bad thing. You will definitely prevent other viruses or foodborne illnesses. But getting obsessive is unnecessary. 

Wipe down surfaces once or twice a day, those which are used regularly. Clean kitchen cooking counter and toilet surfaces. You can wipe down door handles, switches, ultimately surfaces that are wiped regularly. Floor polishing in Christchurch can be done rarely, though thorough cleaning for  commonly used surfaces needs to be done regularly. 

Clean Better if Someone’s Ill

“No obsessive cleaning” is not the way to go when you’re taking care of someone who’s ill. You cannot say when a person can be a patient of covid before a test, but to stay safe you need to clean pretty thoroughly.

It’s important to isolate a sick person and try to stay 6 feet away, if unprotected. Use separate bathrooms, as much as it’s possible, and avoid sharing food and objects no matter what. Even sharing a tube of toothpaste could lead to spread.

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