How to Fix Your Cracked iPhone Screen

When you mistakenly shatter the screen of an upmarket phone like an iPhone, it hurts a lot. But this type of blunder often happens. This time you got puzzled thinking whether to go for phone repair North Shore, replace it with a new one, or apply some DIY tricks. Before you think of its replacement, hold on, there is the fix to your problem.

Contact the Nearest Apple Store

You may rush to the nearest Apple store to repair your cracked iPhone screen. They mend it and return it to your doorstep. However, they charge an extra fee of $6.95 for shipping. The screen replacement with the Apple store is not free even if it is under the warranty period as Apple doesn’t cover accidental damages. It may cost $200 to $600 depending on your iPhone model. The repaired screen will also not be covered by any warranty or Apple Care+.

Replace the Screen on Your Own

Well, you can replace it yourself at home. There are several videos available to guide you on how to replace your iPhone screen at home. It will require some tools that are available online or over the counter. However, it may damage the functionality of your phone as the screen is related to the touch sensors. So before you go for such techniques, don’t forget to compare the screen replacement cost and phone repair tolls.

Approach a Pro

You may opt for the local repairing center that provides services such as iPhone repair or laptop repair North Shore. Most of the repairing centers fix the broken screen on the spot. It’s a matter of hardly half an hour. After the screen replacement, you can check the functionality of your phone before paying the fee. It’s an inexpensive option on which you can rely.

A cracked screen doesn’t immediately make your phone a scrap. It keeps working for several days. You may cover the cracks using a tape to save your fingers from slitting.

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