In Western Australia, we are glad to be home to some of the eminent environment of nature and some distinctive wildlife across the globe, and it is liable for every individual to maintain it in that manner.

With some more Western Australians, traversing the backyard of ours and the visitors who are travelling around the alluring state, the majority of the common apportioned areas, for example, the national parks, the picnic grounds, camping grounds and the beach sides are livelier always. During the peak intervals, about 365 days in a whole year duration, it is not at all significant for protecting the valuable fauna and flora. Right from the amazing beaches to the wilds and alluring landscapes is affluent to experience these following undefiled environments. It’s our responsibility to retain the significant destinations litter-free, unspoiled, wild and resolute.

Here are some of the plain and environment-friendly travelling and camping suggestions provided by the Family Accommodation Geraldton for assisting you to traverse Western Australia more responsively and sustainably.

  • Not to disturb the Ecosystem.

One of the most significant processes for ensuring your travel should have a minimal effect on the environment for looking after the spaces of nature we camp and travel for. The delicate ecosystems should be protected by continuing with the deputed pathways and the camping grounds. Maintaining a safe distance and does not feed the wildlife of nature for ensuring that they stay in a healthy and wild condition. Take memories with you by clicking photos of wildlife and quit the natural environment which includes flora, shells, rocks, fauna where they pertain. Just experience and enjoy the moments.

  • Leave Behind nothing.

Leave nothing behind and retain the pristine of the environment. Segregate the biodegradable waste into the recycling and the landfills for taking off these garbages with you at the time you are leaving. If you are unable to locate any nearby dustbin or garbage bins then, dispose of them either to the town nearby or at your home bins. Evacuate the area in a better condition similar it was at the time of arrival.

  • Reuse and Reuse the items.

Plastic litters are one of the significant discrepancies the environment is encountering. The effect should be minimized and avoid using disposable kitchen or cutlery items and plastic commodities during the picnic or camping times. Have a sustained deputed supply for camping present in your shed or use your daily crockery. Pack the containers, coffee mugs and reusable drinking bottles for the supply of water. Carry Tupperware goods instead of plastic wraps or bags or utilize aluminium foils that can recycle

Simple and small alterations in our travel behaviour impact our environment heavily. Holiday Accommodation Greenough suggest that is our grouped responsibility for the retaining process of the safekeeping of our environment.

Aggrandized ways to travel easily.

Are you looking out for continual travel inspiration? Greenough NatureStay is the ultimate destination in Western Australia for making you experience livable travel. Contact us for the booking on +61 418 939 662 or mail us on

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